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Training Programme

Project Management Techniques

This course is aimed for training on world best practices in project management focusing on project management techniques that are heavily applicable in project management world of practice, and to practice these techniques on a typical case study that enhance attendees experience in this field. Course objectives Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Professionally apply project management techniques in their projects wither at project manager’s level or team member level
  • Solve project management and project monitoring and controlling problems to keep the project in its track through the whole life cycle of the project
  • Improve scope, time, cost, quality, HR, Communication, Risk and Procurement management over the project
  • Understand an apply world best practices in the project management field.

Who should attend? Project Management Team Members, Project Managers and Team Leaders interested in developing their skills in project management techniques, and looking to energize their practice in solving project management problems and keeping projects in track. Course Content Day One Introduction:

  • Building the Foundation:
  • PMI approach to project management
  • Project Management Techniques and their importance in projects
  • Project Integration Techniques

Day Two Project Scope Techniques

  • WBS Techniques
  • Other Scope Techniques
  • Project Time Techniques
  • ND and CPM Techniques
  • GERT Technique
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Other Time Techniques

Day Three Project Cost Techniques

  • Estimation Techniques
  • Budgeting Techniques
  • Other Cost Techniques

Project Quality Techniques

  • Control Charts Techniques
  • Quality Assurance Techniques
  • Quality Control Techniques
  • Other Quality Techniques

Project HR Techniques

  • HR Staffing Techniques
  • HR Team Acquiring Techniques
  • HR Team Development Techniques
  • HR Motivation Techniques
  • Other HR Techniques

Day Four Project Communications Techniques

  • Communication Model Techniques
  • Communication Channels Techniques
  • Communication Technology
  • Other communication techniques

Project Risk Techniques

  • Risk Identification Techniques
  • Risk Qualification Techniques
  • Risk Quantification Techniques

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Programme Details

25 Aug - 27 Aug, 2019
9:00 am - 2:00 pm