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Training Programme

Creativity & Innovation

The challenges posed by the new digital economy to businesses is enormous. Disruptive technologies are redefining the business landscape as we have known it in the past, with very little resource and highly leveraged creative business models, companies like Netflix has seen giants like Blockbuster go out of business as the latter has lost their customers by Netflix’s much cheaper, yet abundant varieties of movie streaming right to their homes. As computing power and telecommunication technologies mature, we find that successful business are faster in response to market dynamics, not bigger in size, speed has replaced size as a defining advantage in the age of internet which gave birth to Uber, Facebook, and PayPal.

To be fast, means to be creative and innovative, and without resolving the argument of profitability vs creativity in company board rooms, many companies who opt for preserving their current market strategy might find themselves like sitting dicks in the face of fast evolving innovative approaches and technologies developed by empowered creative employees of little known companies. This course will address how organisations and their leaders should adopt a policy for encouraging creativity in the workplace in order to produce innovative solutions that satisfy their increasingly sophisticated customers while retaining their best performing employees who thrive on creativity in their workplace. The course will help you to enhance your understanding regarding the ways to design and manage the ideation and innovation processes.

This will allow you to think about whether and how you can reinvent and organise the system to fully realise the creative potential in your organisation. This course is filled with practical tools that will help managers meet and succeed against the impending challenges of technology driven disruptive business models that can pose a major threat to the core competency of your business. Throughout the sessions, activities will help participants apply what they have learned

Course objectives Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess creativity and innovation
  • Describe how companies foster creativity and bolster the creative process
  • Manage the innovation process and
  • Identify new ways to leverage your innovation capabilities
  • Improve the learning and knowledge creation processes
  • Describe how creativity and innovation can be a source of competitive advantages

Who should attend?

Middle to senior level managers and business executives

Course Content Day 1: The What, Why & How of Creativity and Innovation

  • The Case For Creativity & Innovation
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Creativity and Innovation Frameworks & Tools
  • Understanding Human Bias to See the World In New Ways

Day 2: Applying The Process – From Idea To Execution

  • Idea Selection & Development
  • Pitching Ideas & Building a Movement
  • Developing Ideas for Implementation
  • Embedding Creativity & Innovation Back at Work

To register, please contact us. Office No: +971 4 351 6993 Mobile: +971 50 113 2335 Email: marketing@alphatraining.co.uk

Programme Details

05 May - 07 May, 2019
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


After Discount $1750